MSE Turntable Feeder MTF 

  Pulsation free Loss-In-Weight Feeding System - The new gravimetric 'MSE Turntable Feeder' MTF is a versatile and easy-to-use turntable feeder for various applications in R&D and industrial laboratories at lower feeding rates

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Labasys® Control Ex Bulk-Flow Controls Recirculation Rate of LyondellBasell's Spherizone process 

  The instruments are an essential tool to understand the details of this polypropylene process and the in-situ information is also used to control the process efficiently.

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'Shift Connector' for Labasys® Control Ex 'Bulk-Flow' 

  Instrument Displacement at Operating Plant - Allows to shift the tip of the Labasys® Control Ex 'Bulk-Flow' instrument to different measuring position in an operational and thus pressurized Spherizone plant. Lets you monitor the velocity of your bulk flow at different positions with only one instrument.

Link to product: Shift Connector Movie
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Labasys® 100 Flex Monitoring stagnating Bulk Flow 

  The instruments helps to control and give insight into the internals of Alstom’s newly developed chemical looping process measuring the in-situ velocity of a stagnant bulk flow.

Link to product: LABASYS® 100
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Shell Global Solutions gathers knowledge about the dynamics of gas/solid flow patterns in FCC-crackers 

  The Labasys® 100 instrument determined the local solids concentration & velocity profiles in FCC test rig to help Shell Global Solutions to gather more knowledge about fluid dynamics of their FCC cracking processes.

Link to product: LABASYS® 100
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Is the „70 %-rule“ valid? - First experimental test in a high speed mixer 

  The Labasys® 100 instrument measured local concentration and velocity data of sticky maize starch in a Roche laboratory – and supported the assumption of concentrations over the upper explosion limit at a filling level of 70 % in a high speed mixer.

Link to product: LABASYS® 100
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We bring light into Your Processes!

MSE Meili is the specialist for multiphase flow instrumentation. We develop & manufacture reliable and accurate instruments for the measurement of the solids concentration and velocity in processes in the chemical, energy producing and food industries.

Use our instruments to examine a pilot or industrial plant in depth and understand its multiphase fluid-dynamic throughly. Or follow the solids in your industrial production plants in-line and optimize your processes to enhance product quality and lower costs. Thanks to our experience efficient and reliably even under difficult measuring conditions.


Our competence …

Instrumentation for solids concentration and velocity measurements in R&D and industrial production plants

  • Labasys® 100 for Industrial R&D
  • Labasys® Control Ex for in-line Monitoring of Production Processes

and our service …

  • Consulting & Development
  • Test and Customer Measurements
  • Calibration Service
  • Commissioning, Instrument Service and Training on site

lead to innovative solutions for efficient processes!


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